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Local Environmental Plan
Local Environmental Plan

Singleton Local Environmental Plan (SLEP) 2013 applies to all land in the Singleton Local Government Area (LGA) including public and private owned or leased properties. The LEP guides planning decisions across the LGA through the allocation of zones to different parcels of land (for example, rural, residential, environmental conservation, and public recreation, industrial and business zones). The primary function of an LEP is to manage land use and development by separating incompatible land uses through land use zones.

Each zone has a specific set of objectives that identify the purpose of the land (for example, agricultural, environmental conservation, and industrial residential). The zone also describes the type of development that is permitted with consent, permitted without consent or prohibited.

All land throughout the Singleton LGA is subject to controls defined in the Singleton LEP 2013. Singleton LEP determines the form and location of new development and provides for the protection of open space, heritage items and heritage conservation areas, rural and environmentally sensitive land.


The LEPs that apply to land within the Singleton Local Government Area:

Singleton LocalEnvironmental Plan 2013;   and

Singleton LocalEnvironmental Plan 1996 (applies only to "Deferred Matter" in Bulga).

 For information about seeking an amendment to the LEP click here.

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