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Modifying a development application
Modifying a development application prior to determination
Once lodged, a development application (DA) may be amended or varied by the applicant, at any time before the application is determined, but only with the agreement of the Council. This is provided for by Clause 55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000

To seek agreement to vary a DA prior to determination, please contact Council. Changes will need to be supported by revised plans and documentation.

Modification of development consent (s96)
Once development consent has been issued for a DA, the applicant or any other person entitled to act on the consent, may apply to modify the consent under Section 96 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

An application to modify development consent must be lodged using Council's Section 96 Modification Application form. Applications must be accompanied with the relevant fees in accordance with Council’s adopted schedule of Fees and Charges.

The  Act provides for Council to consider the modification provided that the development is substantially the same. If Council is not convinced that the modifications applied for will result in substantially the same development as was originally approved, a new development application will need to be submitted for assessment.

Any changes that arise as a result of the ongoing construction or before the construction has commenced must be approved before the modifications/changes are made on site. Examples of changes that need to be approved before the works are commenced include (but are not limited to):

  • Facade changes;
  • Window and door location and size changes;
  • Roof pitch and roof material changes;
  • An increase or decrease in the floor area of the development;
  • Additional excavation; and
  • Changes to pool location and/or capacity

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