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Construction certificates
After a development application is approved, a construction certificate is needed before any building work commences. Building work means any physical activity involved in the erection of a building.

A construction certificate can be issued by Council Certifiers or an accredited Private Certifier.
An application for construction certificate can be processed by Council by lodging a completed Construction Certificate Application to Council or through an accredited Private Certifier.

An application for a construction certificate can be made to Council using either of the following forms:

If applying for a construction certificate with Council, the Appointment of Singleton Council as Principal Certifier is required. This form details Council's requirements for inspection services and confirms Council's appointment as the Certifying Authority. The fees for lodging a Construction Certificate Application with Council are identified in Council's adopted fees and charges schedule.

If issued by an accredited Private Certifier, a copy of the certificate, associated plans and specifications must be forwarded to Council within two days after the date of issue. 

A Construction Certificate is a certificate which verifies that work completed in accordance with specified plans and specifications will comply with particular requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

A Construction Certificate:
  • Makes sure that the detailed construction plans and specifications comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and any other relevant Australian Standard;
  • Certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the Development Consent;
  • Certifies that compliance has been achieved with relevant development consent conditions; and
  • Certifies that all necessary contributions and fees have been paid.
Note: A Notice of Commencement Form is required to be submitted to Council two (2) days prior to the booking of the first inspection. 

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