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Lodging a development application
How to lodge a development application
Development applications (DAs) must be lodged using Council's Development Application form. Legally, they cannot be submitted by fax, but may be lodged by:

How much does it cost?
Development applications must be accompanied with the relevant fees in accordance with Council’s adopted schedule of Fees and Charges.

Fees are calculated on a scale based on the contract value of the work or the market value of the labour and materials needed to complete the work including GST. Fees for development applications are determined on the estimated cost of works.

Council uses industry cost indicators to estimate the construction costs for a variety of developments. This may not necessarily reflect the actual cost of your development, for example, you may source materials free or second-hand.

Why has my application been rejected?
Council may reject a development application within 14 days after receiving it if:

What is the relevance of land use zoning?
Before lodging a DA, the land use zone of the development site, under Council’s Local Environmental Plan, needs to be considered.

To determine the land use zoning of a site, refer to Council’s online mapping. Each zone has a corresponding “Land Use Table” in the Local Environmental Plan, which specifies:

  • The objectives for the zone;
  • What development is permitted in the zone, without the need to apply for development consent;
  • What development needs development consent in the zone; and
  • What development is prohibited in the zone.

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