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Water pipes and trees
Tree roots can be very aggressive in their search for moisture and nutrients in the soil and often can cause considerable damage to both your property and public assets. Some tree roots have been found to travel up to 30 metres away from their tree base. 

The water and sewer mains that service your property can be entered by tree roots that can travel long distances within a pipe network, reduce water flow and eventually cause blockages.

As well as being very inconvenient, the cost of repairing and removing invasive tree roots is very expensive for both homeowners and Council.

Who's responsible?
Maintenance of the sewer and water mains inside your property boundary is your responsibility. Council is only responsible for maintenance from your property point of connection to sewer and water mains which supply the entire street.

If tree roots cause damage on your property, you will need to contact a licenced plumber to rectify the problem at your expense. Your plumber should not only be able to fix the problem but also provide advice on which tree is causing the problem.

If the tree is on your property it is advisable that it be removed as it will continue to cause damage to your water and sewer systems.

If a tree from your property causes damage to a public asset outside your property boundary, you can also be held liable for the damage caused. Approval may be required to remove a tree so you should always check with Council before hand.

You can call our Customer Service Centre on 02 6578 7290.

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