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Lost & found - cats & dogs
Losing your pet is a worrying time. Council provides an impounding facility for lost cats and dogs at our Pound. If you have either lost or found an animal contact Council.

When calling Council to notify them of a lost pet, please advise our Customer Service Centre of the animal's microchip number, give a description of the animal and provide any details as to when and where it was last seen.

The more information you can provide the more chance we have of reuniting you with your lost pet. Be sure to contact your local vets to see if your pet has been taken there as well. It is also a good idea to approach your neighbours as they may have seen your pet or taken it in to their home.

If you have found an animal, check to see if it has a tag with the owner's contact details. If you cannot see any identification on the animal, contact Council and our Rangers can collect the animal, scan it for a microchip and work on returning the animal to its home as soon as possible.

Council is legally required to hold unidentified cats and dogs for a period of seven days and identified cats and dogs for a period of 14 days.

If the owner does not come forward to claim the animal, and it is suitable for rehoming, Council will rehome the animal through our list of interested persons or via a rescue organisation.

Who do i make a lost report to?
  • Your local council 
  • Any bordering councils 
  • Veterinary clinics in the area 
  • Nearest RSPCA shelter 
  • Animal rescue groups operating in the area

What information is needed?
  • Your pet's name
  • Your pet's species and breed 
  • The colour of your pet
  • Any distinctive markings 
  • The microchip number
  • Your name and address
  •  Your contact number
  •  Where your pet went missing
  •  A photo of your pet (email or drop into Council office)


What else can i do?
  • Create a ‘lost poster’ and distribute to letterboxes in your area 
  • Place the lost poster in high traffic areas such as the post office or general store 
  • Upload an advertisement on websites such as GumTree 
  • Upload a post to the various Facebook sites dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners 
  • Place an advertisement in the ‘Lost and Found’ section in your local newspaper

I have only just moved to a different address - what do I do?
  • Contact your former neighbours and advise them of the situation
  • Place the lost poster around your old neighbourhood and in high traffic areas such as the post office or general store 
  • The council and bordering councils 
  • Veterinary clinics in the area 
  • Nearest RSPCA shelter for that area
  • Animal rescue groups operating in the area
  • update your pet's microchip

What can I do to be a responsible pet owner?
  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and Lifetime Registered with council
  • Ensure your pet’s microchip is up to date with at least two contact options
  • If possible, ensure your pet has a collar and tag stating your contact details
  • Desex your pet
  • Ensure your pets are happy, healthy, safe and secure at all times

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