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Early intervention
The Youth Venue provides child, youth and family support services to reduce the risk of children and young people entering (or remaining) in the Child Protection and Out-Of-Home Care systems.

The Early Intervention and Placement Prevention program funds several aspects of our service, including advice and referral, assessment and case planning, and skill-focused case work and/or training for youth.

The Early Intervention Programs delivered by staff are designed to provide information, instil confidence and build resilience. These programs can be delivered to a young person or group, and are conducted both at the venue and in school. These programs include (but are not limited to):

Designed for young women, and addressing the impact of the sexualisation of girls in the media, this program instils self-awareness and critical literacy skills to combat the role of the media and advertising upon their lives. Through helping the girls examine ways to navigate the turbulent years of adolescence, they are able to better evaluate the messages that seek to undermine their sense of self.

Be Ur Best
Aimed towards Year 8 ‘at risk’ teenage girls, this program is designed to teach virtues and etiquette, build confidence and develop positive personal growth. The target group may have challenges with discipline, demonstrating anger and physical aggression towards other students at school.

As a result of the program, throughout the sessions, the educators of the school have seen positive personal growth in the girls – the students have showed great interest in learning, and share the knowledge they have obtained with family and friends.

Designed to target young people who are alienated or socially withdrawn, however any young person can benefit from participation in DRUMBEAT. The best groups comprise young people of a similar age but with a range of presenting issues rather than those with difficult behaviours.

Drumbeat is a psycho-educational program that is based on the core principles of social and emotional learning as developed by the Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Love Bites
Educating and informing young people about the differences between a respectful and non-respectful relationship, this program aims to reduce the incidence of relationship violence within the community, both in domestic violence and sexual assault.
NAPCAN: Love Bites

RAGE- Renegotiating Angry and Guilty Emotions
Through a six-week program, the young people are taught a variety of anger management strategies – enabling them to identify how to reflect on anger, recognise anger symptoms and recognise the different faces of anger. The program instills skills needed to maintain and control anger in a positive and appropriate manner through relaxation, exercise and incorporating diet for ‘state of mind’ and emotions.

RAW - Resilience and Wellbeing
This is a mentoring program that encourages academic, sporting, cultural and practical achievements through social and personal development. The program encourages students to achieve their full potential; learn and participate creatively and responsibly through effective thinking, being involved, making informed decisions, being motivated, showing appreciation, and being flexible. It also develops social and personal skills.

Rock & Water
Designed to promote resilience, this program aims to teach both boys and girls practical anti-bullying strategies, alternatives to aggression (both verbal and physical), responses to fear and doubt, thinking of being in control through grounding, centeredness and mental focus, self-respect, self-control and self-confidence through hands on learning and exercises.
Rock & Water

With skilled volunteers on behalf of Glencore & Rio Tinto, this program partners professionals and high school students in need of tutoring in mathematics, english and science. Sessions operate between 4 – 6pm on Wednesdays throughout the school term at the Youth Venue.

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