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Road works and closures
Temporary road closures (less than 7 days)
No road closures scheduled for less than 7 days.

Temporary road closures (more than 7 days)

Moses Crossing and Lemington Road are receiving a much needed upgrade. The scope of works includes an upgrade of the pavement on Lemington Road and bridge access on the southern side of the bridge (Jerrys Plains side). This will incorporate a concrete approach slab, concrete approach pavements and a road rehabilitation expanding from the bridge to the Golden Highway intersection. The works will also incorporate additional scour protection and signage for further safety and scour resistant improvements.


Moses Crossing is subject to regular flooding and as a result any significant rain event sees the approaches to the bridge washed away, posing both a safety risk and access risk to road users. The upgrade will minimise this risk substantially with deep concrete approaches resistant to scour damage.


As this is a single lane bridge and located within a road cutting, it is not possible, feasible or environmentally considerate to construct a temporary side track and bridge. As such the road will be closed for the duration of these works. The construction program has been tightly compressed to minimise the impact on road users.  


It is envisaged that northern side works will also be completed in the coming years with no full road closure required. 


Contractors KCE have been awarded the project which will be closely project managed by Singleton Council. The start date for this project was 7 May 2018 and is expected to be completed by 30 June 2018.

Please direct any further enquirers to Sam Walker, Project Engineer on 6578 7290 or 

Road and Footpath Maintenance Works
Upgrades will be made to the existing footpath on the south side of Blaxland Avenue between Falkiner Crescent and Alroy Oval in the coming months. The current path will be widened to a 2.5m wide shared path which allows for both pedestrians and cyclists use. 

The full extent of the planned works are to:

  • Break out the existing 1.0m concrete footpath and construct a 2.5m wide concrete shared path from Alroy Oval to Falkiner Crescent.
  • Break out the existing concrete median on Dorsman Drive and install a 3m wide pedestrian refuge
  • Provide new ‘shared path’ signage and line markings

Parking restrictions in the vicinity of the school will also be altered to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, and to provide more space for parents/guardians to drop off and pick up pupils. 

The planned changes to the parking restrictions are to:
  • Install NO STOPPING restrictions to the north of the new pedestrian refuge (approx. 16m each side of the road which is the equivalent of 6 car parking spaces) to ensure visibility of the refuge.
  • Install New “NO PARKING 8am – 9:30am & 2:30pm – 4pm KISS AND RIDE” restrictions on the school side of Dorsman Drive, 20m south of the exiting pedestrian crossing down to 10m north of Geary Avenue. This will give an approx. 80m length of “NO PARKING” restriction on the east side of the road which is the equivalent of 13 car parking spaces. When taking into account the 6 existing parking spaces removed, as outlined above, these changes will result in an increase of kerbside space for drop off/pick up of 4 spaces.

“NO PARKING” restrictions allow for parking for up to two minutes as long as the driver remains in, or within 3 metres, of the vehicle during the times of operation indicated on the sign.

“NO STOPPING” restrictions mean that a driver must not stop their vehicle at any point on the road or kerb, unless there is a medical or other emergency.

Click here to view the detailed design.

If you have any comments, or wish to discuss the planned works please contact Paul Smith, Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Officer on 02 6578 7290 or at

Further Road Maintenance work starting the 9/04/2018 includes: 

Mirannie Road - Level Corrections

Carrowbrook Road - Defects

Golden Highway - Defects

Lambs Valley - Defects

Old Goorangoola Road - Drainage works

Fordwich Road - Maintenance Grading

Long Gully Road - Maintenance Grading

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