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Application forms A-Z
You will find a complete list of all Council forms here. Some of our forms can be completed online, other are PDF or word files that you can printout and return via post, fax or email. Please contact us for assistance with any of our forms.

Building and development

Application for Planning Certificate
Application for a dwelling entitlement search
Application for Permit to Remove/Prune Trees
Application to Modify Development Consent
Application form for Outstanding Health and Building Notice
Application to operate a caravan park or camping ground
Appointment of Singleton Council as a building certifying authority form
Application for Building Information certificate
Construction Certificate Checklist
Request to attend Development advisory panel meeting 
Request to review DCP amendment proposal form
Application for Development Consent
Fire Safety Certificate Form
Application for Flood Certificate
Pre-gateway review of LEP amendment request form
Notice of Completion for installation of a relocatable home/annex/associated structure in a manufactured home estate/caravan park
Political donations and gifts disclosure form
Application for Civil Works Construction Certificate
Application for Subdivision Certificate
Checklist for Subdivision Certificate application lodgement
Application for Subdivision Certificate - Exempt Development
Application for Swimming Pool Fence Compliance Certificate
Application for health and building notices
Application for an Information Letter
General Complying development checklist dwellings
Application for Complying Development Certificate
Rural Complying development checklist dwellings
Statutory Declaration - Evidence of Building Related Matters - Owner Builder 
Application for Construction Certificate 
Application for Modification of Construction Certificate
Application for Modification of Complying Development Certificate
Application for Review of Determination
Application for Temporary Occupancy of Land
DA Guidelines 
DA Matrix No. 1
DA Matrix No. 2
Application for Mount Thorley Warkworth Heritage Grant

Singleton Council
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