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Singleton Regional Livestock Markets

Singleton Regional Livestock Market is located at 56 Gresford Road Singleton, 3km from the Singleton town centre.

For enquiries please contact the Regional Livestock Markets Supervisor on 02 6572 1525.


The saleyards is accredited under the European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme. The saleyards also has National Saleyards Quality Assurance accreditation.

Singleton Regional Livestock Market Environmental Protection Act Licence No 12728

Polution Incidents Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

  • Amenities and canteen block;
  • Truck wash facilities;
  • EU Accredited selling centre; and 
  • Weighbridge.

Livestock sales
  • Weekly sale every Wednesday except holiday season. 
  • Special store sale once a month on Saturdays.
  • Average of 61 sales per annum with a 10 years average of 56,717 head.

Resources for Regions Program - Upgrade to Facilities
In March 2014, Council received $6 million funding from Infrastructure NSW under the Resources for Regions Program to upgrade the facility.

The major upgrade items will include: 
  • Soft floor with rubber
  • New roof
  • Removal of overhead power poles and provide adequate lighting within the roof
  • Renovate existing amenities including toilet at weigh bridge
  • Walkway and staircase upgrade in order to comply with relevant legislation
  • Replace wooden rails with steel rails
  • Effluent Recycling System Upgrade in order to fully comply with the EPA requirement
  • Remove existing round concrete selling area and install new pens
  • Improve cattle forcing yard prior to scales and install guillotine lifting gates
  • Install grid and gate with AVdata entry gate
  • Upgrade to the parking area and site beatification
  • Install a driver lunch room
  • New shower and disabled toilet facilities in order to comply with DDA 

The upgrade at the Singleton Regional Livestock Markets (SRLM) will increase future certainty and enhanced economic viability of the facility for current and future needs of the wider community. It will enable the SRLM to enhance its role as a regional facility and ensure there is infrastructure capable of meeting demand from the agricultural industry for now and into the future.

On 3 July 2014, Council engaged Atlex Stockyards to prepare a concept design for upgrade of the existing facility. The concept design will be completed by 22 August 2014.

DA for Singleton Regional Livestock Markets Upgrade
Council lodged the DA for Singleton Regional Livestock Markets Upgrade on 16 April 2015

The proposal is yet to be confirmed.

Development Application lodged April 2015
Tender period – July 2015
Tender awarded – September 2015
Detailed design – November/December 2015
Construction commences – January 2016
Construction completed – July 2016

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290