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Water Consumption Application
Eligibility Criteria

This application applies to all ratepayers where a concealed leak has occurred on the property, resulting in excessive water use by the ratepayer.

The adjustment applies once per property owner at that property. A concealed water leak adjustment will not be provided if a water leak adjustment has already been provided to that property owner at that property.

This adjustment process is considered an educational activity, by receiving an adjustment the first time, the ratepayer should then be aware to regularly check for leaks and maintain their plumbing.

A concealed leak does not apply to water loss from: 

  • Leaking taps, toilet cisterns, hot water systems or other water appliances
  • Faulty plumbing or human error
  • Property sprinkler or other irrigation systems
  • Swimming pools, spas, ponds and other outdoor water features or their related fittings

The Ratepayer must apply for the adjustment within 21 days of the water account being posted.

In the case of a water leak on the property, a ratepayer will be eligible for an adjustment to their water account charges if they meet the following criteria:

1. The leak was concealed as per the definition below “Definition of a concealed leak” and

2. The ratepayer took action to permanently repair the leak as soon as possible after they were made aware of the leak; and

3. The ratepayer completes the form on pages 2-3 and submits this together with a licensed plumbers invoice or report and plumbers licence number or a Statutory Declaration detailing where the leak occurred, when you became aware of the leak, when the leak was repaired, who it was repaired by and how the repair was made. Supporting documentation – photographs of the repair & receipts for parts

Definition of a Concealed Leak
Water escaping on the customer’s side of the water meter, which is hidden from view, be it underground or within concrete, or underneath a building, and where an owner or occupant could not reasonably be expected to know of its existence, as determined by Singleton Council.

Please complete the Water Consumption Adjustment Application Form and return to Singleton
Council PO Box 314 2330

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290