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Road safety & cycling improvements
Queen Street Proposed Active Transport & Road Safety Improvements

Works are currently underway to implement of a road safety scheme on Queen Street. The scheme was developed following a number of requests from members of the community to improve the crossing point on Queen Street near the New England Highway flyover. Following these requests, funding was secured from the Active Transport programme to provide a pedestrian refuge with kerb extensions at this crossing point and to also provide a pedestrian refuge with kerb extensions on Queen Street near Civic Avenue.

In addition to the refuges the following changes are also being carried out:

  • Construction of a new section of footpath on Queen Street to the east of Combo Lane

  • Installation of new GIVE WAY signs and /or line marking at all side roads leading on to Queen Street

  • Installation of new NO STOPPING signs near to intersections and on the approach to the new pedestrian refuges to ensure good inter-visibility between all road users at these locations

  • Marking of new double centre lines along the majority of the road to prevent overtaking, particularly in the vicinity of intersections

  • Marking of edge lines on the sections of the road that do not currently have them to properly delineate the limits of the travelled way and to assist drivers to track away from the edge of the road and/or parked vehicles

  • Installation of retro-reflective raised pavements markers (cats eyes) along the length of the road to help driver visibility at night

Broke Road / Charlton Road

Works are planned to start in early 2017 for road safety improvements to the intersection of Broke Road/Charlton Road. The planned improvements are to:

  • Increase the width of Broke Road in the vicinity of the intersection and install a right turn lane

  • Change the existing STOP sign to a GIVE WAY sign and move the hold line forward of its current location to improve sight distance. As moving the hold line forward improves the sight distance the warrant for a STOP sign is no longer met. The conversion of the STOP control to a GIVE WAY control will also allow vehicles to exit Charlton Road faster (if there are no vehicles on Broke Road) reducing the time a vehicle is potentially in the path of oncoming vehicles.

  • Clear a section of vegetation to the east of the bridge over Yellow Rock Creek to further improve sight distance at the intersection

If you would like more information on road safety and cycling improvements in Singleton please contact our Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Officer on 02 6578 7290 or email


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