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Compost Gardens Program

140 Litre Tumlber
140 Litre Tumbler

Council aims to reduce waste to landfill by encouraging composting of food and green waste at home. Composting for the home garden will not only reduce waste but also conserve water and add valuable nutrients to soil for healthy plant growth.

Singleton WaterWise Compost Gardens Program rolled out in 2014/2015, where participants received a free tumbler and starter pack, and on-going information and support from Council staff throughout the project. This included user surveys, feedback opportunities via the Council’s project website and Waste Bin audits recording waste reductions achieved.  

While free tumblers are no longer available, we do have some available for purchase at our Burragan Recycle Shop at the Singleton Waste Facility for a small fee.

We thank all participants who have answered our survey so far and encourage any other participants who would like to fill in our survey to go to Singleton WaterWise Compost Gardens Program  and let us know how you're going with your compost bin.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

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Participants survey results
Singleton Council hosted three compost bin pickup days since July 2014.  On the pickup days a representative from Tumbleweed has been available to answer any questions participants might have regarding the use of their compost bins and what should go into it. 

The participants who completed our survey have a lot of interesting and valuable feedback to share - some are new to composting and others had composted before (about 50/50).

More than 80 per cent  of survey participants rated their bin either 'very easy' or 'easy' to use, with more than 80 per cent also experiencing less waste in their domestic bin.

Along with grass clippings, garden waste, shrubs, leaves, yard waste and food scraps being composted, participants also listed shredded paper, tea and coffee bags, vacuum cleaner lint and hair from hair brushes/clippers being added to the mix.

Some of the challenges emerging for participants related to their choice of bin and materials going into bin.  Some found the 220L bin too heavy to turn with just one person, and others commented that to compost effectively you really need more than one bin.  Some participants have had trouble with the mix being either too dry or too wet or the lid coming open when turning the tumbler.

To find out more, go to our Survey Results for a summary of suggestions and comments participants have for other composters and their thoughts on the program.  If you still need some advice you can call the Tumbleweed helpline on 1800 809 088.  Don’t give up!

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