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War memorials
  • Burdekin Park has the Cenotaph, the WWI and Boer War memorial.
  • Stewart McTaggart Reserve has a Roll of Honour for the lives lost at various wars.
  • Bulga Recreation Ground commemorates the local people that lost their lives at wars.

Park memorials

Many of the parks around Singleton have memorial structures within them:

  • Howe Memorial at Whittingham commemorates arrival of John Howe's exploration party that discovered the now Singleton area.
  • A plaque at McNamara Park at Broke tells the story of how Broke was discovered.

Park monuments
  • Civic Park - Charlie the Chinaman's steam engine, memorial to Dr Maffey.
  • Townhead Park - Matilda the army tank.
  • Civic Centre - Civic Fountain.
  • Burdekin Park - tractors, fairy tree house in a log, drinking fountain.
  • Jim Johnstone Park - Lee Norse mining equipment and Cricket Club Memorial.
  • Stewart McTaggart Park - commemorates the original flying fox crossing over the brook.
  • Rose Point Park - Singleton's famous sundial.

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