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Acoustic bird-scaring devices
Acoustic bird scaring devices include gas guns and equipment that emits other types of noise (such as whistles and animal sounds) to scare birds away from crops.

Singleton Council's Noise Policy requires acoustic devices to only be operated:
  • between 7am and 9pm Monday to Saturday and between 7am and 5pm on Sunday.

Other “best practice” recommendations for the use of acoustic scaring devices are:
  • Do not use acoustic scaring device within 200 metres of any dwelling*.
  • Ensure the time interval between discharge of acoustic scaring devices is not less than 3 minutes.
  • Use acoustic scaring devices sparingly and at random to avoid habituation.
  • Be aware of the local weather and topography and how it affects noise propogation and impact on neighbours.

* This distance may be varied considering local topography

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