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Vehicles including motorbikes
Vehicles on public roads
Australian Road Rule 291 requires that vehicles do not emit 'unnecessary noise' such as noise from intentional wheel spins and 'doughnuts'. The Police can impose two demerit points and a fine.

The NSW Roads & Maritime Services also has additional noise control legislation it can use for noise checks on heavy vehicles at heavy vehicle inspection stations.

Vehicles on private property
Off-road motorcycles often have mufflers that are not as effective as those of on-road vehicles and can cause annoyance to residents in neighbouring areas where these vehicles are used.

Noise from motor vehicles ridden on private property is regulated under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (Noise Control) Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) which stipulates that the:
  • Stationary noise limits for a motor cycle designed or manufactured for use on a road that was built on or after 1 March 1984 is 94 dB(A), or for any other motor cycle is 100 dB(A) (Schedule 1).
  • Use of a motor vehicle must not cause “offensive noise (Division 2, Section 13).
  • Use of a motor vehicle on residential premises must not emit noise that can be heard within a habitable room in any residential premises;
(a) Before 8am or after 8pm on any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, or
(b) Before 7am or after 8pm on any other day.
except while the motor vehicle is entering or leaving a premises. (Division 2, Section 14).

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