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Burdekin Park
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The land on which Burdekin Park is located was donated to the town by Benjamin Singleton in 1837 for usage as a market place and named in 1878 after a town benefactor. The park is listed as a heritage item of local significance in the Singleton Local Environment Plan 1996.

The park hosts the town's war memorial for the Boer War, WWI and WWII to honour our fallen men and women. There is also a historical museum. The building was established by Benjamin Singleton as a courthouse and gaol in 1841. The fountain in the park, a donation from Alexander Munro, the first mayor of Singleton, was made in Glasgow in 1887.

The park's facilities include five undercover shelters with tables, 24-hour accessible toilets and a children's playground.

The park is also home to a flying fox colony that has been in the park since 2000. The colony hosts grey-headed flying-foxes which are a protected species under state and federal law. 

Singleton Council is managing the park within the legal requirements and within the parameters of the new Flying-Fox Management Strategy, that was developed in 2012 and adopted by Council in 2013.

The strategy outlines the objectives of managing the site within the legal constraints and residential concerns. At present the Council adopted the management option number 1 which is to Maintain Present Management Regime at the meeting of the 15 July 2013. 

At present about 5000 flying-foxes live in the park at any given time, and are part of the national flying-fox census that is being conducted across the state to determine population numbers. From this information popualtion figures would become evident, proving whether the species is in further decline or not.

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