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Food safety supervisor
Training and appointment of food safety supervisor
Since October 2011, certain retail food businesses have been required to train and appoint a Food Safety Supervisor for each food premises they operate. The aim is to improve the skills and knowledge of food handlers and improve food safety.

The food safety supervisor requirement applies to all businesses serving food that is:

  • Ready to eat,
  • Potentially hazardous, and
  • Not sold and served in its package.

The food safety supervisor must undertake recognised training by a registered training organisation. A list of all registered training organisation can be found on the NSW Food Authority website.

For further information refer to the NSW Food Authority's: Guideline to Food Safety Supervisor Requirements.
Licensed businesses
The food safety supervisor requirement currently does not apply to businesses licensed by NSW Food Authority or:
  • Coffee vendors that only heat milk
  • Not-for-profit community and charitable causes
  • School canteens (primary and secondary)
  • Boarding schools
  • Children’s services (child care centres)
  • Out of school hours care services
  • Correctional centres
  • Supermarkets if heated food is not sold
  • Food businesses that only do one or more of the following activities:

- Slice fermented meats or smallgoods (or both);
- Slice or portion cheese (or both);
- Process raw seafood; or 
- Slice or portion fruit or vegetables (or both), which is ready-to-eat food.

A food safety supervisor certificate is issued by a Registered Training Organisation in addition to an academic transcript. The certificate is valid for a period of five years. It is a legal requirement that all businesses keep a copy of the Food Safety Supervisor Certificate on the premises and produce it for inspection when requested by an authorised officer.

Food Safety Supervisor refresher training and recertification
Food Safety Supervisor certificates expire five years from the date of issue, with the first round of certificates due to expire on 1 September 2015.

Food businesses with an appointed Food Safety Supervisor holding a FSS certificate due to expire 1 September 2015 can enrol in refresher training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved under the FSS program. Food businesses have 30 working days to ensure their appointed FSS renews their training and obtains a new FSS certificate.

The key focus areas for the refresher training are:
• cleaning and sanitising
• safe egg handling
• allergen management.

For frequently asked questions visit the NSW Food Authority website.

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