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Access to building & development information
The Government Information (Public Access) Regulations 2009 (NSW) outlines additional information Council is required to release as Open Access Information. This includes information in records (whenever created) for development applications (within the meaning of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and any associated documents received in relation to a proposed development.

Information about development applications that is available
Information contained in the following records are available for viewing:

  • Home warranty insurance documents;
  • Construction certificates;
  • Occupation certificates;
  • Structural certification documents;
  • Town planner reports;
  • Submissions received on development applications;
  • Heritage consultant reports;
  • Tree inspection consultant reports;
  • Acoustics consultants reports
  • Land contamination consultant reports; 
  • Records of decisions on development applications including decisions on appeals; and 
  • A record describing the general nature of documents that Council decides to exclude from public view after applying public interest considerations.

Information about development applications not available
Council may allow access to other documents held on development applications, depending on the merits of the requests. However certain information is NOT available in relation to a development application. Examples of the types of documents that are not available include but is not limited to:

  • the plans and specifications of internal layout or design of a residential building, only plans showing height and external configuration of a building including shadow diagrams and landscape plans are available;
  • commercial information, if the information would likely to prejudice the commercial interests of the applicant, reveal a trade secret or have an adverse effect on the security of any building or structure;
  • Council staff assessment advice, file notes, memos, emails or reports (other than those reports to an open meeting of Council) prior to the application being determined; or
  • list of intended recipients of the mail merge letter sent to advise adjoining owners of the submitted application.

Applying for Information under GIPA

How-To Guide for registration to online services and how-to apply

Informal (Open Access) GIPA Application 

Formal GIPA Application  

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