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Noise complaints
Noise disturbances can often be resolved without involving Council, other government agencies or authorities.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) produces Dealing with neighbourhood noise, which outlines steps that you can take to prevent noise being an issue for you.

Talk to your neighbours
Try to solve the problem amicably by talking to whoever is causing the noise that is affecting you. The person may not know that the noise is affecting you or is a problem. Often people are happy to work with you to solve the problem.

Community Justice Centre
If talking to your neighbours does not solve the issue, you can contact the Community Justice Centre. Community Justice Centre's are independent centres that specialise in settling differences between neighbours without entering complicated legal processes. Services are free, confidential and voluntary. For more information contact the Community Justice Centre.

How Council can help
Council has the authority to deal with noise issues under the Protection of Environment Operations Act 1997. Council can investigate noise issues and utilise various tools to control noise and advise what noise levels are acceptable.

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290