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Weekly activities

At Singleton Youth Venue there is something for everyone!

With a wide range of services, programs, activities, workshops, classes and opportunities available, there's bound to be something to pique your interest.

Being a member of the venue is a great way to socialise, make new friends, develop skills and enhance your confidence.

Our friendly staff are on site Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and are happy to help you find something that's right for you.

Drop-in (Tuesday to Friday 3:30pm - 6pm)

If you are looking for something FREE to do in the afternoon, why not drop in at the Youth Venue on the way home.

Open to all young people between the ages of 11 - 17, feel free to use the computers (all internet accessible), have a game of pool, play video games, get help with homework, hang out with friends or just have a chat with the staff.

Programs, activities and games are regularly provided by our staff, who are all trained Youth Workers. Youth Venue staff are able to provide support and assistance to any young person in need.

Tech Free Tuesday (Tuesdays 4pm - 6pm)

If you need to detox from technology, join us as we switch off the internet, turn off the computers, veto the gaming consoles and silence our phones.

Instead it is board games galore, as we unleash the classics including Monopoly, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Battleship.

However, if you prefer to outwit, outsmart and outplay your opponents, then you can try ruling the family in Mafia, surviving an apocalypse in Zombies or shootin' it out in the Wild West with Bang!

We also believe that staying in touch with your inner child is important so party games it is. Pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, musical chairs, egg and spoon races-the options are endless!

Or after being cooped up at school all day, maybe you need to get some fresh air. Our back area is perfect for basketball, dodgeball, football, volleyball or a spot of cricket.

Broken Leg Theatre Company - Performing Arts Workshops (Thursdays 4pm - 6pm)

Experience challenging drama games and activities to create, inspire, enhance your skills and expand your knowledge of theatre.

Our workshops appeal to a range of ages, abilities, motivations and capacity for involvement - the seasoned thespians are able to hone their craft, right alongside newcomers still discovering performing arts.

Friendships are born, experiences are explored, confidence is boosted, and skills slowly mastered.

The stage is our vehicle, but the destination is chosen by the student. Seize the opportunity to get involved, express yourself, and have a good time.

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