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Australia Day Awards
Australia Day

Each year the Australia Day Committee calls for nominations for the Citizen of the Year and Young Achiever of the Year awards to be announced at the Civic Ceremony on Australia Day. Two awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Citizen of the Year (26 years or older on 26 January in the relevant year)
  • Young Achiever of the Year (under 26 years on 26 January in the relevant year)

The objective of the awards is to recognise outstanding personal achievement or outstanding contribution to the community during the previous year. All residents of the Singleton Council local government area are eligible to nominate.

Award nominations for 2019 are open from Friday 2 November 2018 to Friday 30 November 2018.

Download a nomination form here.

Citizen of the Year Award

This award presented to the citizen judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the Singleton Local Government Area including but not limited to 2018 and must be 26 years or older on 26 January.


  • Demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the community
  • Is law abiding
  • Undertakes activities, which have had a significant impact within the community
  • Provides a positive role model for others
  • Takes the lead and shows vision
  • Undertakes activities that promote the welfare and wellbeing of the community
  • Contributions made by nominees, have either been done on voluntary basis or exceed the normal requirements of the person's paid work.

Young Achiever of the Year
This Award is presented to the young achiever judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the Singleton Local Government Area including but not limited to 2018 and must be 16 to 26 years of age on 26 January 2019 to be considered for the award.    


  • Participates in the community
  • Active in youth issues
  • Is caring, compassionate and sharing   
  • Shows vision
  • Takes the lead
  • Positive role model to peers
  • Accepts responsibility for self and others
  • Shows outstanding achievement in eg academic, sporting, cultural, environment or civic responsibility.

  • Nominees must be Australian citizens and reside in the Singleton Local Government Area at the time of nomination
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted
  • Awards will not be granted posthumously
  • Sitting State and Federal politicians and current Vice-Regal Officers are not eligible.  Consideration of retired politicians and officers would be for work in addition to their official duties
  • The contribution should be made on a voluntary basis
  • A person cannot receive a second award in the same Awards category, but can be considered for recognition in a separate category in following years eg Young Achiever of the Year and then Citizen of the Year

Previous award winners

Citizen of the Year

1981 Charles Henry
1982 Jim Ball
1983 Allan Bull
1984 Lorna Smith
1985 Reg Ninness
1986 Bob Moore
1987 Mike Akrill
1988 Laurie Henry
1989 Jim Porteus
1990 Joan McNamara
1991 David Walker
1992 Dot Clayworth
1993 Ken Behringer
1994 Laurie Nugent
1995 Wilfred Allen
1996 Irene Gleeson
1997 Betty Irons
1998 Allan Harrod
1999 Ray Mantle
2000 Alex Tisdell
2001 Joy Poole
2002 Joy Patton
2003 Thea Fleming
2004 Lyn MacBain
2005 Max Murray
2006 Harry Dorsman
2007 Jim Gauld
2008 Cathy Holz
2009 Ruth Rogers
2010 Danny Thompson
2011 Marcus Kirkwood
2012 Nigel Cox
2013 Dianne Sneddon
2014 Jack Francis
2015 Danny Eather
2016 Kaye Stacy
2017 Toni Watson
2018 Val Smith

Young Achiever of the Year

1981 David Lacey
1982 -
1983 Michael Sternbeck
1984 -
1985 Steve Hedges
1986 Sue Walker
1987 Lynne Bailey
1988 Jennifer Roworth
1989 Ann Bower
1990 Helen Oosterveen
1991 William Kelly
1992 Robert Worth
1993 Anthony Worth
1994 Scott Abrahams
1995 Kate Moore
1996 Britt Barry
1997 Rebecca March
1998 Evelyn George
1999 Rose Laffan
2000 Martha Oaksford
2001 Andrew Thomas
2002 Nicole Turner
2003 Logan Eveleigh
2004 Holly Lobb
2005 Laura Sands
2006 -
2007 Katherine Hicks
2008 Stephanie Lambkin
2009 -
2010 Jacob Dyball
2011 Alyssa Simon
2012 Sophie MacPherson
2013 Jake Collins
2014 Simone Burrows
2015 Annie Nichols
2016 Kimberley Pearce
2017 Fiona Stalker
2018 Taylor Giggins

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