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Dial Before You Dig
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Those who damage underground pipes of cables networks may be held financially responsible by the asset owner. Minimise your risk and visit Dial Before You Dig.

When you contact Dial Before You Dig, you will be sent a Caller Confirmation listing of all Dial Before You Dig members having underground assets in the vicinity of your proposed excavation. 

If Singleton Council is among those asset owners listed, a request will be sent to us to provide service location plans to the applicant.

  • Council will send a copy of the service location plan back to the applicant within two business days.  If the applicant has provided an email address, the plans will be emailed to the applicant.  Otherwise, the plans will either be faxed (if fax number provided) or posted in the normal mail service. 
  • You are entitled to receive, free of charge, one A4 print (or electronic equivalent) showing Council's underground services at the site which your enquiry relates.  Additional copies or larger plans will be charged at approved prices. 
  • The plans will cover the area highlighted in the 'Locality Indication Only' window on your Caller Confirmation. It is that defined area which is used to generate plans and not street maps, address details or any free text information provided to Dial Before You Dig. It is important, therefore, that you be accurate in defining your dig site when you lodge your enquiry with Dial Before You Dig. 
  • Plans issued by Council will be accompanied by a cover sheet (Pipeline Location Information) which sets out the basis on which the plans are issued, qualifications as to their accuracy, occupational health and safety information and other important advice.  The plans should also be accompanied by a legend and list of Pipeline Material Abbreviations.

There is an easy way to ensure you take all of the right steps in making your excavation project a success. Just follow the Four Ps of Excavation:

  • Plan - Plan your job.  Use the Dial Before You Dig service at least two business days before your job is due to begin to receive the information you need to carry out a safe project.
  • Pothole - Potholing (digging by hand) is a method to assist in establishing the exact location of all underground infrastructure. 
  • Protect - Protecting and supporting exposed infrastructure is the responsibility of the excavator.  Always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground networks. 
  • Proceed - But ONLY when you have Planned, Potholed and put the Protective measures in place.

Singleton Council
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