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Heritage is a multi-faceted dynamic concept that is often divided into various elements for management purposes; cultural heritage, built heritage, natural heritage are some examples. It can be made up of practices and traditions passed on from parents to children, but, it also resonates with what has been passed on from family, community and place. It can be an individual building, a precinct covering many properties, trees, gardens or natural habitat. Heritage is therefore something quite personal and changes from person to person, group to group. Our task is to make heritage in all its forms relevant to current populations so that it is valued, used and experienced.


Heritage is useful to establish a sense of place, to convey meaning, to create community connections, or just simply to be a reminder that triggers enjoyment and appreciation for our surrounding environment whether it be rural or urban, built or natural, tangible or intangible. It gives us an opportunity to be inclusive, to tell stories, to connect people with the past and to plan for the future.

Heritage Listed Items and Conservation Areas

The Singleton Local Environmental Plan 2013 identifies items and places of local heritage significance. It also identifies Heritage Conservation Areas that are areas of land that contain sites, streetscapes, built forms and subdivision patterns representative of important periods and events in local and regional history. A full list of local heritage listed items and Conservation Areas is contained within Schedule 5 of the Local Environmental Plan.  There are also a number of State Listed heritage items within Singleton.  State listed items can be found on the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website. 


For further information in relation to Heritage listed items or Conservation areas please contact Council’s Duty Planner.

Do I need approval to undertake works to a Heritage listed item or within a Heritage Conservation Area?

There are certain instances when Development Consent is not required; however, you should always check with Council prior to undertaking any works.  Where Council is satisfied that the proposal constitutes minor works, consent is not required.  If you think that the works you are planning to do may be minor, Council should be notified in writing with details to be provided of the type and extent of works proposed.  Council can then advise if it is satisfied that the proposed works are considered to be minor.  Confirmation must be sort from Council prior to undertaking the works.

Development which would require approval can include:


  • Demolishing or moving a heritage item,

  • Altering the exterior of a heritage item by making structural changes and some changes to the interior,

  • Disturbing a known heritage site,

  • Construction works associated with a heritage item or land within a heritage conservation area, and

  • Subdivision of land associated with a heritage item or within a heritage conservation area. 


Please contact Council’s Duty Planner should you wish to discuss your proposal.

Heritage Funding

Singleton Council is committed to ensuring that our heritage is valued, protected, and enjoyed.

There are two types of funding available:


  • Local Heritage Fund, and

  • Singleton Mount Thorley Warkworth Heritage Grants.

Local Heritage Fund

Council, in association with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, offer small grants to owners of locally listed heritage properties in order to maintain the heritage of Singleton. A maximum of $2,000 is available through the Local Heritage Fund.  Please not, matching funding is required to be paid by the owners.  For example, a project worth $4,000 may apply for a grant of $2,000 where the remaining $2,000 can be paid by the owner.

If you wish to apply for Local Heritage Funding, please complete the application form.    

Singleton Mount Thorley Warkworth Heritage Grants

The Singleton Mount Thorley Heritage Grants have been provided to help communities to know, value and care for their heritage. The following grant categories are available:

Community Heritage Projects - up to $30,000 per project,
Major Works - $10,000 - $30,000 per project (matching funding is required),
Heritage Reports - up to $5,000,
Heritage Emergency Works - up to $15,000,
Education - up to $5,000, and
Technology - up to $5,000

Funding opportunities are available throughout the year.  To apply for a heritage grant in the current round, please download and complete the application form  forwarding to along with associated documentation.  Alternatively, one electronic copy of all documentation shall be provided on either a USB or CD. 

Please note that applications are currently closed, please check back at a later date for the next round of funding. 

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