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Community planning
Singleton in 2027
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Every four years Council is required to review its Community Strategic Plan to ensure it reflects the values and aspirations of its community. The plan is a 10-year vision for the community and Council's projects and services should align to the needs of the community.

A local government election is scheduled for 10 September 2016, triggering the need for Council to review the Singleton Community Strategic Plan. The new Council must endorse the reviewed plan within six months of the election.

We are launching a six-month intensive consultation strategy in June to help drive the review of the Community Strategic Plan. This engagement strategy was adopted by Council in May 2016.

You can register now to participate in upcoming activities on Engagement Hub, and join the conversation either online or in person at one of our events.

Integrated planning & reporting
A new planning and reporting framework was introduced in NSW in 2009 replacing the former Management Plan structure. The new framework helps communities plan for their future under the stewardship of local government.

The changes required Council to prepare a 10-year Community Strategic Plan, a four-year Delivery Program and a one-year Operational Plan.

Community Strategic Plan
In April 2012, Council endorsed Singleton's first Community Strategic Plan following extensive community consultation. How we engaged the community in this process can be found in our Community Engagement Strategy 2011.

Following the election of a new Council in September 2012, the Plan was reviewed to ensure it still met the needs of our community.

The revised Community Strategic Plan Our Place: A Blueprint for 2023 was endorsed by Council on 17 June 2013.

The Plan is based on four pillars or themes identified by the community that outline the vision our community has for where it wants to be. Each pillar has some outcomes (how will this benefit our community) and strategies (how will we get there). These strategies link to Council's Delivery Program.

Delivery Program & Operational Plan
Council has developed a four-year program that details the principal activities we will undertake towards achieving the visions of our community. Our Delivery Program contains a one-year Operational Plan which details the activities we will undertake during the year as well as our annual budget.

Our Delivery Program 2014-2018 was adopted by Council on 17 February 2014 and our Operational Plan 2016/2017 was adopted by Council on 20 June 2016.

You may also wish to view our Fees and Charges Schedule that details the costs of using Council's services and facilities.

Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework
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Resourcing Strategy 2013-2017

The Resourcing Strategy identifies what resources, in the form of finances, assets and human resources, will be required to meet the goals and aspirations of the Community Strategic Plan and importantly who will be responsible for delivery of the activities set-out in the Operational Plan. This may include responsibilities of other levels of government and some may include input from community groups or individuals. 

The Resourcing Strategy focuses in detail on matters that are the responsibility of the council, but looks more generally at matters that are the responsibility of others. While the Community Strategic Plan provides a vehicle for expressing long-term community aspirations, these will not be achieved without sufficient resources, in terms of time, money, assets and people; required to actually carry-out required activities.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three components:

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