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Trees on Council land
Common tree problems
  • tree/shrubs requires pruning;
  • tree/shrub is dead or dying; and 
  • tree/shrub is losing branches.

Tree removal

Council approval is required for pruning or removal of any Council street tree. Street trees will only be removed if there is an immediate danger as assessed by our Surveillance Officer. Trees will not be removed because:

  • You don't like it;
  • It drops too many leaves and twiggy branches;
  • You think it's ugly;
  • Has large seed pods and flowers; and
  • Is blocking your solar panel system.

This does not include trees that have been declared under the Noxious Weeds Act.

Council makes an effort to retain and protect trees and will not approve the removal of a tree unless the following criteria are evidenced. A valid reason for removing a tree could be:

  • The tree is dead;
  • The tree is less than three metres from a dwelling;
  • The tree is presenting a danger to life or property;
  • The tree is causing structural damage to a structure or sewer;
  • The tree is stressed or diseased or suffering insect damage which cannot be rectified; and 
  • The tree is too large for its location.

A valid reason for the pruning of a tree could be:

  • The tree is overhanging a dwelling or adjoining property and presents a danger to life or property; and
  • Removing dead or diseased branches.

An invalid reason for removal or pruning could be:

  • Removal of trees for solar access, leaf, branch or fruit drop, bird or bat droppings;
  • Pruning would compromise the tree's health and/or stability;
  • Emotional motivation;
  • Hindering garden or grass growth; and
  • Causing minor damage to structures such as footpaths or driveways.

If a neighbour's tree is causing concern or damage to property or underground pipes, it's recommended that you discuss the problem with your neighbour first, as they may be unaware of the concern or damage the tree is causing.

Where agreement on a course of action cannot be agreed on, help is available from the Community Justice Centre on 1800 990 777.

If a dispute is unable to be resolved, action can be taken at the Land and Environment Court under the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006.

To report a problem or get the appropriate approval before you cut down a tree on your land, please contact Council on 02 6578 7290, or lodge an online customer request.

Trees on private property affecting power lines
Ausgrid trims trees around the electricity network to keep the community and our staff safe and to help make sure we are providing a reliable electricity supply to our customers. Removing branches from around powerlines and power poles helps prevent blackouts, bushfires and accidental electrocution.

You can report an issue to 13 13 65.

For more information on tree trimming and maintenance around the electricity network visit the Ausgrid website.

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