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Alfresco dining application
Council adopted a Footpath Trading Policy in July 2015 to establish a framework of standards to assist with the creation of public spaces to enable businesses to activate the street while retaining appropriate pedestrian circulation paths.

The policy supports Council’s John Street public domain beautification works by assisting to create an active, interesting and lively town centre.

The policy outlines where street trading is to take place within the footpath area and the width of pedestrian paths to be retained taking into account disabled access requirements. Information on appropriate public liability insurance, trading hours and the contents of sign/s has also been included.

Council has agreed to forgo revenue from the use of footpath space for commercial purposes for the first two years of implementing this policy, effective 31 July 2015. 

A small application fee will cover the costs associated with Council assessing the application. This is the current adopted minimum fee for an application lodged under the Roads Act, 1993.

Footpath Trading Application form

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