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Singleton regional landscapes
Singleton Landscape
The Singleton Local Government Area covers a wide variety of landforms ranging from mountains of the Great Dividing Range to the alluvial plains of the Hunter River. These land-forms show a close relationship to the geology of the Hunter region.

The Hunter River system, contains many fertile and well-watered valleys which, before European occupation, must have been excellent hunting grounds for the Aborigines inhabiting the region. Sir Thomas Mitchell described the valley in 1831 as being park-like, with light forest and grassy glades. With plenty of fish and shellfish in the rivers and creeks, marsupials and birds of many kinds in the open sclerophyll forests, and many species of edible nuts, wild grains and berries, life should have been pleasant for the tribes as they moved about their territories.

In the past, rivers were traditionally valued for extractive benefits and less focus was put on in-stream benefits. Communities are now beginning to place more value on ecosystem services and in-stream benefits, such as recreation and protection of biodiversity.

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