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Natural resource management
Our natural resources
Lake St Clair
Our natural resources are our most precious asset. They provide us with all that is needed to live, such as food, shelter, clothing but they are also inextricably linked to our wellbeing in providing important services without which all animals on earth could not survive. 

The Singleton region contains a number of significant natural environments, including parts of the Wollemi National Park to the south of Denman, extending from the southern escarpment of the Hunter Valley to the Blue Mountains National Park more than 100 km further south, forming part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The total area of the Wollemi National Park is 4,886 km2 although only a section of that is within the shire of Singleton. The National Park preserves the largest remaining wilderness area in NSW, and is home to the ancient Wollemi Pine, (Wollemia nobilis), as well as other threatened and endangered species (NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 2001). 

The region also contains smaller parks and reserves, including Mount Royal, Goulbourn River and Yengo National Parks. 

Our natural resources since European settlement
Since European settlement Australia’s natural systems have been declining. Across Australia many more indicators of the health of our natural systems are in decline than are stable or increasing. More than at any time in our history we now have comprehensive and scientifically based evidence of these facts.
Our natural resources are still under pressure from increasing population, urbanisation, mining and the need for increased productivity from our agricultural lands. However we now have more of  an appreciation of the value of these resources and more is being done to address the issues from governments at all levels, business and most importantly communities. Community stewardship of our land, water, air and sea is critical to maintaining the health and productivity of our resources. 

Singleton Council
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