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The Singleton community is fortunate to have very active, committed seniors who dedicate time and energy to give back to their community. Singleton seniors have high rates of volunteering, are involved in sports and recreation and provide endless services via the clubs that they participate in.

Currently people over 65 make up 10.1 per cent of our total population, this will increase to 13.4 per cent by 2021 and 17.7 per cent by 2036.

Council is dedicated to ensuring that facilities and services are available to current and future senior residents of Singleton. Council also understands that the needs of our current older generation will be different to future generations and are keen to ensure Singleton is able to support older people to age well and to stay connected to the Singleton community, now and in many years to come.

Council celebrates Seniors Week every year in March, with celebrations getting bigger and better every year. If you would like to be involved in this growing Senior's Week event please contact the Community Strategic Planning Co-ordinator .

Lifestyle Plan for Older People
In 2014, Council began development of a Lifestyle Plan for Older People and undertook extensive consultation with older people in our community.  As a result of that consultation, 40 actions relating to “Our Community”; “Our Places”; “Our Environment”; and “Our Community Leadership” have been identified for implementation over the next few years.

The complete Lifestyle Plan for Older People was adopted by Council in April 2015.

If you would like to know more about the plan, please contact the Community Strategic Planning Co-ordinator  on 02 6578 7216.

Tips for healthy ageing
An action item from the Singleton Lifestyle Plan for Older People was to provide access to information on healthy ageing.

A “Healthy Ageing Quiz” has been produced by the National Ageing Research Institute, which will help you identify your current health and provide practical tips for ageing well.

The quiz is available in paper format from the Singleton Senior Citizens Centre and the Singleton Library.  If you would prefer an online version, click here

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