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Singleton Economic Strategy
Economic Vision

The Singleton Council Economic Development Vision is to “Improve the living standards of all Singleton LGA residents through applying economic principles to planning and actions”.

This Vision is complementary to the Singleton Council Vision of a vibrant, progressive, connected, sustainable and resilient community.

The following economic values are used to provide a balanced planning approach in guiding the Singleton Council LGA into a prosperous, rewarding and harmonious future.

Entrepreneurial & Economic Support - Create an environment that fosters and supports business, promotes job creation, supports entrepreneurship and diversifies our industry base.

Health & Wellbeing - Support and promote activities that provide personnel fulfilment for residents such as arts, personnel development and beautiful outdoor spaces. Support and promote sporting activities and events that provide physical development and pathways to excellence. Minimise the impacts of social issues such as homelessness and mental health issues.

Infrastructure – Provide residents and businesses with access to infrastructure at the standard equal to or better than what is available in our cities.

Education & Training - Provide residence with unimpeded access to education (preschool, primary school, secondary school, vocational and university), training and equipment to create the foundations of a prosperous economy.

Environmental Management - Undertake short and long-term environmental planning that preserves regional biodiversity, minimises waste, supports long-term community sustainability and minimises environmental impacts for future generations.

Equality – Promote and foster a community where benefits and rewards are the same for all demographics such as gender, age, race or religions. Demographics should not be a determining factor in an individuals or group of people’s income, life expectancy, health or education.

Singleton must use its considerable strengths and competitive advantages when planning for future opportunities. The Singleton LGA’s strengths and competitive advantages are:

  • Culture & Heritage

  • Mineral resources

  • Agricultural land

  • Hunter River

  • State and regional road and rail networks

  • Sunlight hours

  • National Park Access

  • Lake St Clair

  • Skilled and trained people

  • Hunter Valley Brand Awareness

Singleton Council Economic Development Strategies

Singleton Council economic development strategies and actions align with the Hunter Regional Plan 2036, Singleton Community Strategic Plan and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Development Goals to ensure Singletons goals align with those of the state and federal governments.

Click on the following links for further details:

Additional business development resources can be found at https://www.investregional.nsw.gov.au/regions/hunter/

Singleton Council
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