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Public swimming pools and spa pools
Singleton Council inspects public swimming pools and spa pools in the Singleton Council LGA to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012 which regulates health risks associated with these facilities.

What is a public swimming pool?
A public swimming pool means a swimming pool or spa pool to which the public is admitted, whether free of charge, on payment of a fee or otherwise, including those swimming pools and spa pools:
• To which the public is admitted as membership of a club
• Provided at a workplace for use of the employees
• Provided at a hotel, motel, guest house, holiday units or similar facility for the use of guests, and
• Provided at a school or hospital.
Its does not include a pool situated on private residential premise, unless it is operated for commercial gain e.g. swim schools.

If your a business that operates a public swimming pool or spa pool, you are required to comply with the following main requirements under the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012:

  • Notify Council  that you have a public swimming pool or spa pool using the NSW Health notification form. There is no fee for notification in the Singleton local government area.
  • Ensure that the primary disinfectant is either chlorine or bromine. Fact Sheet: Disinfection of Swimming and Spa Pools
  • Ensure that the pool is fitted with either an automatic or continuous metered disinfectant dosing system. Fact Sheet: Disinfectant Dosing Systems.
  • Ensure that the pool complies with the specified levels of bromine, chlorine, pH, alkalinity as set out in Schedule 1 of the Public Health Regulation 2012.
  • Ensure that a log book is kept which records test results and any remedial actions. The following fact sheets explain what needs to be tested and how often.
Fact Sheet: Swimming Pool Microbiology Testing Frequency
Fact Sheet: Swimming Pool Chemical Testing Frequency
Fact Sheet: Record Keeping


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