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Emergency Management
The State Emergency Rescue and Management Act, 1989 Section 28 recognises that the involvement of local government in all stages of an emergency is critical.

Singleton Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) is responsible for plans in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from emergencies in the Singleton local government area.

The legislation requires that the General Manager of Council or their nominee will chair the Committee.  The LEMC is made up of a senior representative of each emergency service organisation operating in the local government area and a representative of organisations providing services to the functional areas in the local government area.

Council is also required to provid executive support facilities for the Committee and the Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) and this support is provided by a senior officer of Council who is known as the Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO).

In Singleton the local committee is made up of 18 organisations.  The Committee facilitate exercises as part of the preparation for response and recovery.  A number of these have already been held in 2013.

The Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) is the Commander - Upper Hunter Local Area Command.

The Chairman of Singleton (LEMC) is Gary Thomson, Assistant General Manager/Director of Community and Infrastructure who is also the LEMO.

The Committee meet four times during the year.

The Singleton DISPLAN is developed by the Emergency Management Committee.  Its purpose is to detail arrangements for the preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies within Singleton local government area.  It encompasses arrangements for:

(a) incidents controlled by combat agencies.
(b) incidents controlled by combat agencies and supported by the Loal Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON).
(c) emergency operations for which there is no combact agency.
(d) circumstances where a combat agency has person control to the LEOCON.

The DISPLAN identifies hazards and rates the hazard type and threat level.  Hazard type most likely to affect Singleton are rural fires, urban fires, floods, stored hazardous chemicals, transport accidents, animal health emergency and wind and severe storms.  The DISPLAN identifies the roles and responsibilities of the various combat agencies such as NSW Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Services, NSW Police, NSW Fire & Rescue and the Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) and Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO).

The Displan documents the aspects of emergency management including:


All correspondence to the Singleton LEMC should be forwarded to:

Local Emergency Management Officer
Singleton Local Emergency Management Committee
PO Box 314

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290