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Water supply
Water service connection
Owners and/or persons authorised by the owner can apply for a water service pipe/water meter installation connected to Council's water main, subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act and the requirements of Council.

To apply, download and complete Water Service Connection Application/Quotation Form.

Statement of Pressure and Flow Rate
Council offers a Statement of Pressure and flow rate on water mains.

These are the tests required for water connections or extensions for new development including design of fire protection systems (hydrants).

To obtain this information you will need to download and complete Water Supply Application for Available Pressure Statement together with the applicable application fee.

Bulk water
Council provides two bulk water filling facilities for trucks and tankers to draw water from our system. By providing this service, we control who draws water from our system and can ensure their equipment is safe.

Please note:
The taking of water from a hydrant without permission from Council is in breach of the Water Supply Act 2008 and as such, any parties found taking water without the use of a Council authorised standpipe and without Council permission, will be liable to a fine.

Hunter Water
Hunter Water supplies water and sewer services to the Branxton region only of the Singleton Local Goverment Area.

For information regarding water connections, available pressure statements, and bulk water facilities or to access this service, please contact Council on 02 6578 7290.

For all water and sewer related matters in the Branxton area, contact Hunter Water or phone 1300 657 000.

Singleton Council
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