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Event Advice Form

  1. Please include area code if not 02

  2. Please include area code if not 02

  3. Please provide your email address

  4. Please provide a detailed description of your event for publication (minimum of 50 words)

  5. Please only supply one image per event unless requested by the Singleton Visitor Information and Enterprise Centre. Images must be of a high quality, sized at 200 x 200 pixels, saved at 300dpi jpeg file and saved for web

  6. If applicable

  7. Cost of entry

  8. If applicable

  9. Cost of entry

  10. If applicable

  11. Cost of entry

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  13. Cost of entry

  14. Please provide any additional information you have, which is not specifically listed here such as additional contacts, ticket pages, brochures, photographs, etc. Please keep the Singleton Visitor Information and Enterprise Centre informed on the progress of the organisation of your event and any changes which may occur to the information supplied. Information is unable to be changed unless accompanied by an updated Event Advice Form. Events will be listed on the website and other relevant social media within five days of receipt of this form. I certify that I am authorised officer to exercise this agreement and the event has all required approvals, and licenses to operate as described in this notification and has adequate Public Liability insurance cover for the event. I acknowledge that the ifnormation provided will be publicly distributed and I authorise such distribition including contact details as provided on this notification. The Singleton Visitor Information and Enterprise Centre does not accept responmsibility or liability for incorrect information provided on this form. Event information will be published on the website at the discretion of the Singleton Visitor Information and Enterprise Centre.

  15. By submitting this form, the user agrees that their electronic signature will be accepted in lieu of a physical signature.

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