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Application Form to hold a Street Stall

  1. Council Logo

  2. Local Government Act 1993 Section 68

  3. It is important that Council is able to contact you if more information is required. Please give as much detail as possible

  4. Please include area code if not 02

  5. Please include area code if not 02

  6. Please provide your email address

  7. Footpath, John Street, Singleton

  8. Footpath, John Street, Singleton

  9. - Persons or organisations are required to hold current public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million;

  10. - Access and egress from commercial premises is not impeded;

  11. - Pedestrian flow on the footpath is not restricted or redirected so that pedestrians are placed at risk of injury;

  12. - Line of sight of motorists or pedestrians, particularly near pedestrian crossing, is not impaired.

  13. Please print out this application and return it to Council via any of the following methods

  14. PO Box 314, Singleton NSW 2330

  15. ssc@singleton.nsw.gov.au

  16. 02 6572 4197

  17. Singleton Customer Service Centre, Administration Building, Queen Street, Singleton

  18. Leave This Blank:

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290