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What is the new fee and how is it being charged?
All OSSM owners are charged in line with Council's current Fees and Charges per system per year on the rates notice.

On-site Sewage Management - OSSM

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1. Why are changes being made to the way Singleton Council undertakes onsite sewage management?
2. Why are the fees for OSSM being changed?
3. What is the new fee and how is it being charged?
4. What other changes to OSSM fees have occurred?
5. Why am I paying a fee for both OSSM and sewerage?
6. Why are we having annual ATOs?
7. When will I get my renewal?
8. I am selling my property and I need a copy of my ATO. How can I get one?
9. Why does Council undertake inspections of OSSM?
10. Why am I paying an OSSM management fee (or why does Council inspect my OSSM) when I have a contract to have my AWTS serviced quarterly?
11. How often will my OSSM be inspected by Council?
12. What are the Parameters for Risk Rating

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