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Why do I pay rates and annual charges?
In many ways, it is a council’s activities that ensure acceptable lifestyles for all of us. When we go out to eat, we expect the food to be fresh and the premises to be clean. We expect our sporting fields to be maintained and our libraries to be free for everyone. We expect planning controls, without which, for example, there would be nothing to stop a factory being built next door to us. Your rates contribute to services that ensure an acceptable standard of living.
Council provides many services to the community including, but not limited to:
• Parks, playgrounds and gardens
• Sporting fields and recreational reserves
• Swimming pools
• Libraries and community centres
• Youth programs and child care
• Tourism promotion
• Planning and building services
• Saleyards
• Cemeteries and columbaria
• Roads, bridges, footpaths and drainage
• Town water
• Sewerage services
• Waste collection and landfill facilities


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1. How do I pay my rates?
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3. Why do I pay rates and annual charges?
4. When do I have to pay my rates and charges?
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6. What happens if my payment is late?
7. What is rate pegging?

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