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How do I report a water or sewer problem?
Call 02 6572 1400 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When reporting a service fault, you will usually be asked to provide a number of details to assist staff in identifying the location and severity of the fault. Details required include:

Location (including closest cross street)
Origin - ie metal or concrete cover, footpath or grass nature strip, front yard or meter area
If a leak, we need to know roughly how much water is leaking (try to think of how much water, and with what force, comes from a garden hose)
If a sewer fault, we need to know if you can see liquid seeping from the drains (ie sewage surcharging)

After assessing these details, Council staff will then prioritise according to:

Whether the problem poses a threat to customer health, the environment and/or property
The amount of water being wasted

Repairs are then completed in order of priority.


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1. How do I report a water or sewer problem?
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