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Roads & traffic

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1. How do I request improvements to roads and traffic in my street/area?
2. How do I request a new or replacement sign?
3. How do I get permission to erect temporary advertising signs and/or banners?
4. What do I do if a street light is damaged or not working?
5. How do I report an incident or request maintenance?
6. In what circumstances do I need to request the use of a council road?
7. How do I find out what status my road is?
8. How do I find out about road closures?
9. How do I lodge an application to use a Council road or obtain a Road Occupancy License (ROL)?
10. Are laneways and public pathways considered road reserve?
11. Do you need permission to put in a driveway over the footpath area?
12. Who is responsible for the driveway over the footpath area?
13. How long does it take to fix a pothole?
14. Where does the money come from to fix and maintain local roads?
15. Who decides how and on what roads the money gets spent?
16. What does the works department do?
17. How many people are employed within the works department?
18. What do the outdoor staff do?
19. What do I do if garbage has been spilt on the road?
20. What do I do if a tree has fallen over the road?
21. What do I do if my rural roadside numbers need replacing?

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