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Roads & traffic

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1. How do I request improvements to roads and traffic in my street/area?
2. How do I request a new or replacement sign?
3. How do I get permission to erect temporary advertising signs and/or banners?
4. What do I do if a street light is damaged or not working?
5. How do I report an incident or request maintenance?
6. In what circumstances do I need to request the use of a council road?
7. How do I lodge an application to use a Council road?
8. How do I find out about road closures?
9. Are laneways and public pathways considered road reserve?
10. How do I find out what status my road is?
11. Do you need permission to put in a driveway over the footpath area?
12. Who is responsible for the driveway over the footpath area?
13. How long does it take to fix a pothole?
14. Where does the money come from to fix and maintain local roads?
15. Who decides how and on what roads the money gets spent?
16. What do I do if garbage has been spilt on the road?
17. What do I do if a tree has fallen over the road?
18. What do I do if my rural roadside numbers need replacing?
19. Site Determination

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